Best Swinging Garage Doors

Swinging garage doors are traditional and versatile in design. They operate through a hinge system that allows them to open outward or inward, similar to conventional doors but on a bigger scale. These doors have different configurations such as a single and double-door model. They can be customized to complement the architectural style of any residence. Homeowners should consider the necessary space for the doors’ arc, the material of the door, its insulation capabilities, and its overall sturdiness. Choosing swinging garage doors for residential properties is beneficial for multiple reasons. Their straightforward mechanical design minimizes potential for operational failures and maintenance hassles. Additionally, these doors provide excellent insulation due to their tight seal against the frame.

For our list of the top swinging garage doors, we focused on build quality, materials, design and flexibility. We evaluated each product for its functionality, design appeal, and ability to handle daily wear and tear. This guide will assist you in choosing the right swinging garage door according to what you need.

SingCore Swinging Garage Doors

What we love:

  • Made of fiberglass, lightweight construction
  • Weatherproof
  • 50 year guarantee

SingCore Swing Out Garage Doors combine the features of traditional carriage doors with modern technology. Their doors are lightweight, insulated, and a durable alternative to conventional wooden doors. Traditionally, carriage-style doors were heavy and placed significant strain on hinges, leading to quicker wear and more frequent maintenance. By using fiberglass and the patented Sing Core technology, these doors achieve a balance of lightweight construction and strength. This innovation not only extends the life of the garage doors but also ensures they are weatherproof. SingCore’s standout feature is its 50-year guarantee against warping and structural defects. This sets a high standard in the industry and makes them a compelling choice for those looking to upgrade their garage doors.

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What we love:

  • Traditional design and craftmanship
  • Individually made
  • Resists sagging
  • Made of marine meranti plywood

Evergreen Carriage Doors specializes in making custom swing-out doors that integrate the traditional design of historic carriage doors with modern functions. They stand out for their dedication to traditional craftsmanship. They create each out-swing garage door by hand to ensure a custom fit for each unique home. Unlike mass-produced doors that are typically designed for standard sizes, Evergreen’s all-wood doors are individually made to fit specific openings. Swinging garage doors sag because of their width, but Evergreen uses marine plywood to overlap the rails and stiles. They are able to create strong doors with minimum weight that resists sagging. 

The quality of Evergreen’s doors is further highlighted by their ability to shed moisture effectively. This is an essential feature for any exterior door facing diverse weather conditions. The interior panels are made from marine meranti plywood, a material is known for its use in boat building. This ensures that these doors are resistant to rain and moisture. This focus on high-quality, water-resistant materials contributes to the longevity of the doors. Evergreen’s method of construction sets them apart in manufacturing swinging garage doors.

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What we love:

  • Full custom and semi-custom options
  • Sealed at the header and side jambs with minimal joints
  • Uses premium hardwoods

Backed by decades of experience in the garage door manufacturing industry, Ranch House Doors crafts each of its custom wood doors using premium materials and combines them with state-of-the-art production techniques. With a variety of design collections, Ranch House Doors offers both full custom and semi-custom varieties so homeowners have the flexibility in design and budget.

Ranch House Doors Swing Outs garage doors are designed to be reminiscent of traditional carriage doors but equipped with modern functionality. These doors are not only beautifully crafted from the finest hardwoods but are also engineered to be energy efficient, sealing well at the header and side jambs with minimal joints. This attention to the important mechanism and parts of the swinging garage door makes them exceptional at their craft. The company’s dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction ensures that each door is a lasting investment.

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In conclusion, SingCore, Evergreen, and Ranch House Doors are deemed the best makers of swinging garage doors. They meet the standard of what we’re looking for: build quality, materials, design and flexibility. These brands integrate traditional design with contemporary features. They each present distinct advantages that are important aspects for swinging garage doors. SingCore products stand out for their innovative use of materials and technology that ensure strength and weather resistance, complemented by a long-term warranty. However, these benefits come with higher costs and specific installation needs. Evergreen Carriage Doors attract those looking for doors made with attention to detail and crafted from materials that resist moisture effectively, preserving a classic appearance while incorporating modern durability.

Alternatively, Ranch House Doors has an extensive selection of both fully custom and semi-custom doors that are stylish and practical. Their doors, crafted from high-grade wood, are built to display both beauty and efficient energy use. While these doors enhance a property’s visual appeal and can fit with various architectural styles, they often require a greater initial outlay and consistent upkeep. Each brand is sure to present a quality solution for every homeowner.

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