7 Best Types of Garage Doors

More than a functional entryway, garage doors are important for the security and the overall look of our homes. It’s a key component of the first impression of your property and potentially affects its value. If you’re in the market for a new garage door but feeling overwhelmed by all the options, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll discuss the 7 best types of garage doors so you can find the one which is best for your home.

1. Swinging Garage Doors

Swinging garage doors, also known as hinged or carriage-style doors, are the classic type. It’s a set of doors that swing open outward reminiscent of old carriage houses. It needs to be at least 1 foot taller than it is wide to prevent the doors from sagging. These doors are perfect for those with limited overhead space. However, they do require some clear space in front of the garage to operate. And if you want an automatic garage door opening system. But if space isn’t an issue, swinging doors are an excellent choice to add a touch of elegance to your home.


SingCore Fiberglass Swing Out Garage Door: SingCore makes custom swing out garage doors that are sturdy yet lightweight. This material that replaces wood has solved the problem of too much weight being put in the hinges of a swinging garage door.

Evergreen Carriage Doors: Uniquely crafted and offers converting solutions with their timeless design.

Ranch House Doors Swing Outs: Beautifully built, classic doors handcrafted from the finest hardwoods for lifetime reliability.

Ranch House Doors Swing Out #3148

2. Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors, known for their space-saving design, slide horizontally along tracks to the side. This makes them ideal for homes with limited driveway space. Their versatility in style allows them to complement both modern and traditional homes, with options ranging from sleek, minimalist designs to classic wood finishes. These doors can be easily automated for convenience and  even smart technology integration, utilizing modern locks and applications for convenience and safety. The installation process is a less invasive setup as they don’t require heavy overhead tracks. Regular maintenance, as with all garage doors, is important such as cleaning the tracks and lubricating moving parts. Sliding garage doors are a practical and stylish option for garages that need a reliable and stylish garage door.


Hormann HST Side Sliding Sectional Garage Door: Sleek solution for special fitting situations.

Ryterna Sliding Garage Doors: Have unique contemporary designs and that can be adjusted according to the special garage wall constructions.

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Door: Designs curved side timber garage doors that are reliable and has solutions for every wide and tall openings.

3. Bi-fold Garage Doors

Of the types of garage doors, bi-fold garage doors are a practical and stylish solution for homeowners looking for an alternative to traditional ones. With their folding mechanism, these doors are ideal for garages where ceiling space cannot be used for the garage door. They tuck away neatly against the garage wall when opened. They can be customized using a range of materials to match any home’s exterior. The track system used by bi-fold doors is compact and can be equipped with automated systems to make opening and closing effortless. Their robust construction ensures they are capable of withstanding daily use. Bi-fold doors are particularly effective in garages that serve multiple purposes, such as hobby areas or home gyms.


O & L Door Systems Bifold Garage Doors: Design their garage doors according to your space.

Continental Door Company Crown Hydraulic Bi-Folding Doors: Designed to open vertically, unlike the other bifold garage doors that fold to the sides.

Tungsten Royce Bifold Garage Doors: Have fully customizable options from the door dimensions to decorative accents.

Tungsten Royce Bifold Garage Doors

4. Double Garage Doors

Double garage doors are designed to span wider openings to accommodate two vehicles side by side. This makes them a practical choice for families or homeowners with multiple cars. They have the convenience of a single large entry point to the garage. This garage door simplifies the layout and use of the space because of the single large entry point. Available in a variety of styles, from traditional raised panels to contemporary flush designs, these can complement the architectural style of any home. The installation of double garage doors requires precise measurements and structural support due to their size so it is important to opt for professional installation. They can be equipped with modern features such as insulation and automatic openers. 


Amarr Double Garage Doors: Robust construction with energy-efficient features and a wide variety of design options, are versatile choice for any home design.

Best Overhead Door Double Garage Doors: Are known for their durability and smooth operation in combination of customizable designs.

Auto Roll Autotherm Insulated Roller Double Garage Doors: Known for their space-saving design with Intellicore high-grade insulation.

Clopay: Gallery Collection GD2LP: Popular for their beautiful carriage house designs with advanced insulation options that offer superior energy efficiency.

Wayne Dalton Model 9700: Have handcrafted designs and finishes of wooden doors with the durability of steel. Their pinch-resistant panels enhances safety and makes them a family-friendly option.

5. Manual Garage Doors

Manual garage doors are a straightforward approach to securing your garage without the need for electrical components while also being reliable and simple. From the types of garage doors, manual is appreciated for its ease of installation and minimal maintenance requirements. The lack of automation means fewer parts that can break down which can lead to a longer lifespan and reduced need for repairs. The operation of these doors encourages physical interaction but can be enhanced with modern security features like robust locks and reinforced structures. Manual garage doors can still have a high level of protection for the home by integrating modern security systems. Additionally, they are suitable in areas with frequent power outages, as they can be operated without electricity. They are also easier to maintain and for the most common issues, you can even go DIY fixes for this garage door .


Novoferm: Stand out for their easy manual operation and solid construction. They also have a variety of styles to fit any home architecture.

Pella: Designed for ease of use and longevity with a range of styles from traditional to contemporary.

Mantion: Are easy to operate and built to last.

AppWood Doors: Specialize in handcrafted wooden garage doors with manual operation that can be customized too.

6. Roll-up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors, characterized by their compact design, are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial settings where maximizing space is important. They are unique from the other types of garage doors because they coil into a roll above the entrance when opened. This avoids the use of ceiling space and making them ideal for garages with limited headroom. The simplicity of their design contributes to their ease of maintenance, with fewer moving parts than traditional sectional doors. Despite looking utilitarian, roll-up doors can be customized in various finishes and colors to complement the exterior of any building. Thanks to their sturdy construction and the ability to integrate advanced locking mechanisms, they have a high level of security.


Janus International Model 650: Designed for durability and ease of use and features lightweight yet sturdy construction. They cater to both commercial and residential customers.

Lux Roll-up Doors: Have both traditional and contemporary designs that are luxurious at the lowest prices.

Overhead Doors Allura Rolling Shutter: Combines compact solutions and security that are both suited for commercial and residential use.

Olympic Roll-up Garage Door: Known for their straightforward roll-up designs that saves space. Their robust build ensure long-term reliability.

7. Interior Garage Doors

Interior garage doors are becoming a popular architectural feature in modern homes. It’s a stylish and versatile option to divide spaces while maintaining an open, airy feel. These doors operate smoothly on a track system to transition between indoor areas effortlessly. The use of glass panels ensures that natural light flows freely between rooms which work well in areas such as a living space or a home office or gym. With a range of opacity options, from clear to frosted glass, homeowners can tailor the level of privacy along with the visual expansiveness. The sleek, minimalistic design of glass garage doors complements a variety of interior styles, from contemporary to industrial. Despite being stylish, these doors are still constructed with durability, using sturdy frames and tempered glass for safety


Garage Door Unlimited Home Interiors Glass Garage Doors: These glass garage doors integrates the indoor and outdoor of the house for a space-enhancing effect in the house’s design.

EXL Garage Doors Interior Garage Doors: Their creative design integrates their garage space with the interior of the house.

Garage Door Unlimited Home Interiors Glass Garage Door


In conclusion, choosing the right types of garage door is important for both practicality and the overall look of your home. The traditional style of swinging doors, the clean functionality of sliding ones, the space-saving design of bi-folds, and the broad access provided by double doors, they all provide something unique that would be a preference of homeowners. For those who value easy maintenance, simplicity and cost-effectiveness, manual doors are a reliable choice, while roll-up doors stand out for their durability and efficient use of space. Side garage doors are built for convenience, and interior glass doors can make indoor spaces look more modern. It is important to weigh your options based on what matters most to you and your home. In the end, the best garage door is one that not only looks good but also meets the day-to-day demands of your household.

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