Best Aluminum Garage Doors

When selecting a garage door, aluminum as material stands out as a compelling option for many homeowners for its design styles and practical benefits. Aluminum garage doors have a sleek, contemporary design, are durable, need little maintenance, are resistant to rust and corrosion, lightweight, and best of all, highly recyclable. On the other hand, they can be susceptible to dents, are a bit more expensive than steel, and don’t have the same level of insulation as steel garage doors. In this article, we will explore the best aluminum garage doors that stand out for their design, features, and overall performance. Let’s dive in and discover what makes these doors the best in their class.

Overhead Door Aluminum Garage Door Model 9920

What we love:

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Full-view glass panels for natural light
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Customizable options
  • Energy-efficient insulated glass
  • Wind load options for high-wind areas

The Overhead Door Aluminum Garage Door Model 9920 features a sleek design with full-view glass panels that allows natural light to flood your garage. The durable aluminum frame ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion. The Model 9920 has a variety of customizable options: glass types that include clear, frosted, and tinted designs. It has a joint seal between sections for additional weather resistance and can be fitted to meet wind load building requirements for areas prone to high winds. The aluminum frame is lightweight yet strong and only needs minimal upkeep compared to traditional materials.

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Raynor Hawaii Clear Anodized Aluminum Garage Door

What we love:

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction
  • Wide range of anodized finish options
  • Various glass panel configurations
  • Low maintenance

The Raynor Hawaii Clear Anodized Aluminum Garage Door features high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum that ensures longevity and minimal upkeep, even in coastal environments where rust and corrosion are common concerns. It has a variety of anodized finish options and finishes like clear, light bronze, medium bronze, and dark bronze. This model also offers a range of glass panel configurations, including options for clear, frosted, tinted, and laminated glass. The Raynor Hawaii Clear Anodized Aluminum Garage Door has lightweight aluminum construction but built with sturdy quality, reducing wear and tear on the operating mechanisms and ensuring smooth operation.​

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Wayne-Dalton Aluminum Security Shutters Model 523RX

What we love:

  • Durable extruded aluminum construction
  • Variety of finish and slat options
  • Integrated Genie DC operator with battery backup
  • UL 325 listed for safety

The Wayne-Dalton Aluminum Security Shutters Model 523RX is not a garage door per se, but a security shutter that is designed to provide enhanced security for residential properties, particularly those in high-traffic urban and suburban areas. The 523RX model is constructed from extruded aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. Homeowners can choose from approximately 200 custom RAL colors or request a color match. One of the key features of the Model 523RX is its integrated Genie DC operator, which includes a weather-resistant enclosure and battery backup. The UL 325 listing indicates that the system meets rigorous safety standards, including monitored photo eyes and force detection to prevent accidents. The shutters are available with fully perforated or fenestrated slat options, providing up to 24% open area for visibility while maintaining security. Additionally, the sloped hood design allows for moisture runoff during inclement weather.

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Sleek and strong choices

Choosing the right aluminum garage door is all about balancing style, durability, and functionality. Aluminum doors are a great option because they look modern, resist corrosion, and require minimal upkeep. Overhead Door Model 9920 has its full-view glass panels, Raynor Hawaii Clear Anodized Aluminum Garage Door is versatile with its customizable finishes, and Wayne-Dalton Model 523RX has the integrated safety and security features. Choosing these brands means you’re making a smart investment for your home. These doors are both stylish and have practical benefits like energy efficiency and added security. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your garage door, aluminum doors are an excellent choice.

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